Simply stated, a CMEA’s Certified Appraisal Report will withstand scrutiny because it is performed under the ethics and regulations of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), the authoritative source for determining values.  Our machinery and equipment appraisals are accurate, defensible, and irrefutable because we search through our database filled with over 4 million comparables and apply methodologies consistent with the scope.  Lenders, small business owners, attorneys, courts, IRS, CPAs, buyers, sellers and others all rely on a defensible estimate of value.  Why don’t you? 

Summary Appraisal Reports

Summary Appraisal Reports are appraisals with multiple intended users and typically require the appraiser to visit the site. 

Restricted Appraisal Reports

Restricted Appraisal Reports are appraisals that have only 1 intended user. 

Desktop Appraisal Reports

Desktop Appraisal Reports are appraisals that do not require an inspection of the equipment.  All the field work is done by the client and then delivered to the appraiser.  While these usually cost less, the quality of the data is dependent on the client.

Asset Verification

Asset Verification is not an appraisal report, rather it is used when the client needs up-to-date data about his or her’s equipment from a 3rd party (usually for their CPA).

Medical Equipment Donations

We believe in sowing good seed, so not long ago we decided to offer our services to help families (not corporations or businesses) who were donating their medical equipment (due to the loss of a loved one) for tax purposes. Below are a few links to websites about donating medical equipment or wheelchair foundations.  Call our bidding department at: 352-801-4660 and speak to Rod or Donna about the IRS requirements for donations.

Darrell Gwynn Foundation

E Special Needs

  For Pricing check out our FAQ page or give us a call at 717-475-4263